Concrete Mixing and Concrete Mixer

Concrete totally depends upon the process of mixing. Concrete is the material that is used in the making of different big structures so it is important to do every process carefully. In making concrete liquid and smooth, the mixing process should be done carefully.

To produce high-quality concrete, the equipment and method should be correct. Firstly cement and water are mixed together to form a gel. This mixture should be mixed well and water should be added according to the requirement of the consistency of the paste. The addition of water also helps to get the wanted result of the dried concrete.

The combined paste of cement and water is then added to the aggregates and mixed at high speed to increase the strength of the concrete. Aggregate can be gravel, limestone, granite included with sand. All these things combined together at high speed produce a smooth paste.

After making a paste from the above method, in the mixture then added are chemical admixtures. These chemical admixtures are responsible to produce different characteristics in the concrete. There are some basic admixtures that give different features and aspects and provide a different kind of help to the process of making concrete. Accelerator: it is the admixture that helps to increase the drying process. Whenever and where ever the high hydration speed is needed, this admixture is added so that the concrete dries quickly and gain its hardness as soon as possible.

In the same way, there is also some admixture that helps to slow the process of drying of the liquid concrete. This Is called retarded. When retarder Is added to the liquid mixture of the concrete and mixed it well. It gives liquid the ability to dry slowly. There are some conditions in which it is needed for the mixture to dry slowly to meet the requirements of the structure.

Then there is air entrainment: this adds and distributes the little air bubbles in the concrete pate and hence it will increase the durability. When the air bubbles are added in the mixture, the mixture becomes more reliable and long-lasting than ever.

Next comes the plasticizers, it is also called water reducer because it helps to reduce the water content and hence it is more durable. Pigment admixture is added to give the concrete new and different colors. There are some bonding admixtures that help to pour new concrete on the older one. It will help to bond the particles of the new mixture to the already created concrete.

There are so many other admixtures that can be used to give new features and work more flexibly and produce high-quality products and structure. After adding all the important and main ingredients in the mixture, it is mixed very well and produced the smooth paste that can be poured at the desired place.